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Live Streaming Concerts on Social Sites - December 1, 2009

In October, YouTube hosted one of the biggest live-streamed events of the year—the

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Brands Choose the First Weekend of Coachella to Market - April 12, 2012

Arcade Fire Knows Where You Live - September 16, 2010

Pop quiz: what are the most innovative music videos of all time? (I'll give you a moment.) ...

Interview With Ean Mering on Rebecca Black's Annoyingly Catchy Single - April 12, 2011


Powered by POM8: How Coachella Webcast Changed The World! - September 27, 2011

  Pomegranate was recently hired to deliver the creative banner ads for YouTubes Coa...

Dawes Fiestas With Ford on the Road to Bonnaroo - June 10, 2010

musicians have a love/hate relationship with touring. Unless you&rsquo...

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MediaFiends Discusses Ean Mering's Thoughts on the Anatomy of Rebecca Black's 'Friday' - March 26, 2011

MediaFiends asked Pomegranate Executive Partner, Ean Mering what his thoughts were on Rebecca Bla...

Google launches music service without labels - May 10, 2011

Google launched an online music locker service on Tuesday that allows use...

Pomegranates Ean Mering Featured in USA Today - June 2, 2011


Ad of the Day: Just Say No to Classical music - June 16, 2011






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