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Marketing Your App Part 2 - Stuck in the Middle - June 29, 2012


Marketing Growth    app    iPhone    Android    marketing    iTunes    App Store    Pomegranate    Pom8    write    description    tips   

Marketing Your App Part 3 - Wrapping up the Writing - July 6, 2012


Top 20 Free iTunes Apps – Facebook Remains in the Lead - April 26, 2012

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Marketing Growth    app    marketing    promotion    description    branding    digital    smartphone    Pomegranate    Pom8    iPhone    Android   

Marketing Your App Part 1 - The First Line - June 22, 2012


Not Your Average Droid Review: Simplify Your Life and Get Social! - March 10, 2010

As Pomegranate’s resident Social Media expert, it was high time I got my hands on a smart p...

Beyond Instagram - 3 Photo and Video Apps Focusing on the Future! - June 8, 2012

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Summer’s Almost Gone - 5 Free Back-To-School Apps Every College Student Should Download - July 23, 2012


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Pomegranate Brands 'InBloom' App with OK Go and Eytan and The Embassy - January 24, 2012


25 Essential Apps For Your New Iphone 4s - October 14, 2011

  Today is a big day in the tech industry!  iPhone 4S comes out.  I finall...

Building a Following on Instagram - Why and How - February 29, 2012

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