Pomegranate believes Friendthem represents an exciting idea - the next step in connection technology - and a way to enhance lives by offering everyone the chance to connect with the world seamlessly and safely.
According to a recent third-party industry trend analysis, Pomegranate’s creative and marketing strategies have helped develop the Dream Water® brand into a “significant digital presence with unprecedented speed”.
The IdeaMensch survey of “63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of” includes our very own, Grant Powell. Check out the full list to get a sense of the accomplished crowd he runs with!
Pomegranate is so excited to be working with Friendthem, an innovative location-based connectivity app which combines the convenience of online communication tools with the advantages of face to face meetings -- all with the added safeguards of deeply integrated privacy options.
Last week the Interwebs were in an uproar with Instagram opening its doors to Android users. As noted in our prior article, “the iPhone community is not happy about it.” With a surge of Instagram spam going viral with comments and photo-identity stealing, the world of Instagram had drastically changed. Just announced today, dropping an even BIGGER game-changer, Facebook has acquired Instagram for a whopping $ 1 billion dollars!
Pomegranate has signed on as digital agency of record for Engagement Media Technologies (EMT), an enterprise brand structured to empower global, real-time communication between individuals and brands that is facilitated through mobile and Web. In this creative role, Pomegranate will build and manage EMT’s revolutionary new mobile app., StringFly. StringFly's multi-faceted engagement components include three targeted areas, designed to reach specific markets.
Pomegranate (aka POM8), recently partnered with indie band heavy hitters, Andy Ross of OK Go and Eytan Oren of Eytan and The Embassy to brand the new iPhone app, InBloom.
Pomegranate, recently partnered with Nissan and Rogers Media to launch Canada’s Got Talent, the Canadian version of America’s Got Talent, on YouTube.
Pomegranate signs on as digital agency of record for Bonavitas – a revolutionary nutritional supplement company providing all-natural products that enhance weight loss, energy levels and muscle recovery. 
Innovative advertising and digital media agency Pomegranate today announced a formal agreement to act as agency of record for Dream Water. In this role, Pomegranate is responsible for executing a mixed-media strategy to help re-brand and increase the companies sales. Dream Water is the developer and distributor of an all-natural formula for sleep and relaxation beverages. With Pomegranate’s award winning team at the center of the digital strategy, the Dream Water website and other online properties will provide an environment where sleep deprived consumers can learn more about this first of its kind natural sleep supplement.
Pomegranate recently partnered with ESPN, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota, and YouTube to launch SportsNation Fanalyst, a destination for sports enthusiasts to become experts and to share their sports knowledge via an engaging online social experience. Contestants record and upload 15 second videos in response to the current week's question announced on SportsNation; like 'Who is the most overrated team in the NFL?'
Pawng is a one-of-a-kind website dedicated to aggregating comprehensive and current information on the pawn, secured lending and micro lending industries.  The pawn industry is traditionally a brick and mortar business that has been slow to adopt an online presence
Pomegranate, Inc. Kicks Off Brazil Business by Signing a Fortune 500 Technology Client
Interview with Pomegranates Senior Creative Producer Ean Mering...Though the summer movie slate includes a record 27 prequels, sequels, and spinoffs, it it still shaping up to be a great year for smaller, specialty films, say experts...
Lady Gaga, Born This Way sees biggest first-week sales of an album in six years, but is it a fluke?...
The perfect qualifications for a digital media strategist position candidate in a post on Monster.com.
In 'How to Use a Company Blog to Optimize Your SEO and Increase Brand Awareness in 2011,' ExecSense examines best practices being used by marketing executives to capitalize on a company blog and enhance their company's personality online.
With the fourth installment of the $2.5 billion ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise coming out Friday, Metro explores what makes for a box-office cash cow...
Chuck Norris has built a successful brand by leveraging his reputation and Internet meme. AOL News wanted to know our thoughts on the Chuck Norris brand... naturally, we had to speak nicely of Chuck for fear that he would karate chop us if we didn't!
Susan White, will join Pomegranate's (Pom8) board as an Advising Partner . With over 25 years of experience, Susan has worked with noted brands such as Wolfgang Puck, Calvin Klein, American Express and the Rolling Stones...
What is social media? Seems like a pretty straight forward question. Yet every time I ask someone this question, I get more of a stutter of sounds than a meaningful answer...
One of the reasons why some ads may be more effective than others has to do with the audience who views the ad. Is the person in the market for the product or service being sold?
Search engines are the number one source of web traffic, handily beating social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) by more than 300%.
Pomegranate's very own Mark Bilfield interviewed to discuss the effectiveness of humor in insurance advertising campaigns...
While the music video has received a great deal of negative commentary, Ean pointed out several factors in which the video was positive...
Grant Powell was recently featured within CBS Interactive's BNET 'Owner Only' series. The story highlights 'The Little Engine that Could' regardless of being a recent start-up...
How can brands effectively bond with consumers and improve marketability of their brand by utilizing the age old 'April Fools' tactic? Social media expert and Pomegranate's very own CEO, Grant Powell share's his thoughts on this very issue. Read More
Grant Powell was just recently featured in a piece on Mashable.com regarding syncing online and offline marketing campaigns in order to create a unified message that engage customers. Click Here to Read the Full Story
Publishing Exec just recently published an article about 'Increasing Ad Revenue.'  CEO of Pomegranate Grant Powell was featured in this article regarding marketing trends. The article also features Grant Powell's expert advice on brands using social media and how it helps position them as leaders in their industry.   Click Here to Read the Full Article
ShePosts.com, interviewed Poemegranate's CEO Grant Powell in an article about how people are affected by watching event hashtags fly by on Twitter from events that they weren't invited to or couldn't attend.  Read the Full Article
Watch Ean Mering on KSBI - http://www.ksbitv.com/all-about-you/today
In a never-before-seen merger, a modeling agency, Ford Models has agreed to acquire a digital agency, Pomegranate.
Grant Powell was interviewed to share his thoughts on Arpril fools... Click here to hear what he had to say.
Though the video has sparked a flurry of mean-spirited responses due to its lyrics and nature, Black is being considered a success with a budding career ahead amongst some industry insiders.  See what music industry veteran Ean Mering thinks about this...
Pomegranate's CEO Grant Powell has been featured in a new article on brandchannel, the world's only online exchange dedicated to branding. In the article, Sheila Shayon explores the rumors that Cap'n Crunch, the cartoon mascot of Quaker Oats Cap'n Crunch cereal, was to be retired.
CEO Grant Powell was a featured guest on last nights episode of NBC's Live Digital with Shelly Palmer. On the show Grant discussed how Pomegranate differs from traditional agencies. 'What's unique I think is that we've been able to acquire some of the best talent in the industry by offering a vested interest to the talent.' said Grant. 'They're no longer just an employee or just a freelancer. They're a part of something bigger.'
Pomegranate is proud to be a partner and corporate sponsor of the Art Directors Club. As part of our collaboration with the Art Directors Club, CEO Grant Powell sat down with the ADC to discuss and share ideas on the death of freelancing, and how the creative industry is evolving.
CEO Grant Powell was invited to discuss Pomegranate, the advertising industry and social media with Shelly Palmer on NBC's Live Digital. Watch the episode tonight on television to hear Grant's explanation on how Pomegranate is changing the way creative talent collaborates and works with clients.
The Super Bowl has come and gone once again, leaving the world of advertising abuzz with the good, the bad and a big case of tongue-in-cheek turned offensive. Yahoo's Tech Ticker invited Pomegranate CEO Grant Powell to join them today for their Super Bowl Ad Buzz segment.
You may have noticed in many current advertisements, including Super Bowl commercials, that companies are now driving their audience to a Facebook page, or the URL of a micro site dedicated to social engagement. A recent study reported that 72% of activity on Twitter is posting personal updates. This personal connection helps brands build customer loyalty, and and ultimately drive conversions.
After interviewing CEO Grant Powell on his thoughts regarding the Super Bowl, writer Teresa Nocollino of Portfolio.com was inspired to write a column on Pomegranate as a source for mission critical creative execution for enterprise companies, including a recently acquired Mars / Snickers Super Bowl campaign. Read full the full article.
Yesterday, Beverly Hills Porsche announced that they were officially the number one Porsche dealership in the U.S. for new sales in January, 2011. 'We're very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Beverly Hills Porsche to help them achieve their goal, and we are excited to see that our marketing efforts delivered such quick results,' says Grant Powell, CEO of Pomegranate.
Pomegranate CEO Grant Powell is featured again in The Atlanta Post, this time discussing the best and worst hip-hop related ad campaigns. Read the full article by Brittany Huston here.
Pomegranate, a leading full service digital advertising and creative agency, announced today that notable marketing executive Mark Bilfield, a driving force behind various campaigns for Nissan, Public Storage, P&G, Canon and Toyota, has signed on as a strategic partner and advisor to the firm.
Atlanta Post reporter Brittany Hutson recently wrote an article about Kodak's latest EasyShare digital camera campaign, where she asked Pomegranate's founder and CEO Grant Powell his opinion on Kodak's attempt to gain some ground in social media. Learn more about the campaign and read Grant's thoughts in the full article.
A fitting homage to Pomegranate's Ean Mering and his 10 minutes and 42 seconds of Bon Jovi music video fame.  
POM8's CEO Grant Powell was recently interviewed by Brian Anthony Hernandez of Business Daily News. Featured in a week-long series focusing on Social Media, Grant answers questions about location-based services and how it can help small businesses. Read the full article.
Beverly Hills Porsche is hosting Digital LA, one of the largest networking groups in the country for digital media professionals, for its BIG Games fest, including a panel on big video game title franchises, food trucks, and the GameTruck all on the premises of the dealership.
Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter James Blunt is releasing his third album on November 8, 2010. Along with the release, titled 'Some Kind of Trouble,' the album launch will also be streamed LIVE all day on YouTube, with Pomegranate's real time engagement platform Engage.me powering users to communicate on the musician's YouTube channel with text and multimedia through various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.
Innovative advertising and digital media agency Pomegranate today announced a formal agreement to act as agency of record for Beverly Hills Porsche. In this role, Pomegranate is responsible for developing a mixed-media strategy to help re-brand the dealership as a high-end customer experience destination in the luxury automotive realm, to increase the dealership’s sales, and to extend their exceptional level of customer engagement into the digital world.
Among the Cube Project’s featured finalists are four Pomegranate team members: James Donaldson, Joe Hajek, Ean Mering and James Zimmer. While each design is clearly inspired by the same ADC cube icon, the end results couldn’t be more different.
At Pomegranate, we believe that freelancing is a dead-end method of pursuing a career as a talented creative individual.  We’re starting a movement to inspire freelancers to band together and collaborate.  The sum is greater than the parts.  Check it out, learn more, join the revolution! www.freelanceisdead.com
Ean Mering organized a panel at SXSW discussing strategies for "Creating A Graphic Novel Hollywood Will Buy" - Check it out, very interesting.  Ignore the fact that the folks at SXSW don't know how to spell "pomegranate."  We can't all be perfect...
When you fall in love with a movie after seeing its trailer, what do you do during the long, lonely weeks until you can see it in the theater? You check out its YouTube brand channel like the one Pomegranate designed for Going The Distance, a new romantic comedy from Warner Bros.
A live concert by Paul McCartney to support the fight against HIV transmission will employ Pomegranate-developed technology.  
Show and Tell, a new site that describes itself as "home of the best creative marketing examples on YouTube," has chosen a Pomegranate-designed brand channel for IT company HP as a case in point.
Managing Directors Elizabeth Braman and Brent Houston announce the launch of NextGEN Real Estate Corp., a real estate firm providing full service solutions to homeowners in the fight against foreclosure. Based in Los Angeles, NextGEN helps homeowners reach workout solutions with the bank or sell their home, even if there is no equity.  NextGEN also provides homeowners with access to a network of investors interested in obtaining rental properties.
Pomegranate, which collaborated with YouTube to offer live Twitter feeds during YouTube’s popular U2 and Alicia Keys concerts in 2009, has announced the development of the Twitter-Chat gadget for the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) YouTube Channel. The league, initiated in 2008 by the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) includes eight teams of players from various countries. It was named by Forbes as the “hottest sports league in the world” and has been valued at $4.1 billion by the UK-based brand consultancy Brand Finance.
It's a big month for Lifehouse, the alternative rock band from LA and client of Pomegranate. Their fifth album, Smoke and Mirrors, is being featured on the iTunes home page this week...
Gelila Assefa Puck, a philanthropist and fashion designer for whom Pomegranate provides marketing and promotion support, has partnered with the Orphaned Starfish Foundation to bring additional aid to the Gelila Assefa Puck Skill Training Center in Aleltu, Ethiopa.  The Orphaned Starfish Foundation's contribution includes hardware, software, materials and trainers for the center's new computer skills training lab.
Super Bowl XLIV is coming and there's no stopping it...  With an average U.S. audience of 98.7 million viewers (and an estimated total viewership of 151.6 million), the 2009 Super Bowl was the most-watched Super Bowl in history, and the second-most-watched U.S. television program of any kind (trailing only the final episode of M*A*S*H in 1983, which drew an average audience of 106 million).
YouTube is trying to take web video by storm.  Again.  With a fresh brand channel that courts a new audience, the video portal unveils its innovative new efforts: YouTube Rentals and Filmmakers Wanted.
Prophetik is an eight-year-old, all-sustainable fashion lifestyle brand designed by Jeff Garner. According to to Jeff, his label is "positive, socially responsible, sustainable Tennessee lifestyle brand defining inspirational Euro street wear that serves a purpose and is visual manifestation of art, love, poetry, and the freed found within" (quote from Nashville Arts Magazine, July 2009).
Twitter-Chat application brings online event experiences closer to fans at home. Innovative digital media network agency Pomegranate today announced the creation of a Twitter-Chat application that enables real-time engagement for online events such as live-streamed concerts.
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