“It was one of the best blog posts I’ve ever written, but nobody tweeted it, nobody shared it, nobody commented on it and it drove no traffic to my website.” If you blog with any regularity, I’m willing to bet you’ve witnessed this phenomenon: The great, but unnoticed, blog post. Here's some advice from 3 blogging experts about how they authored some of their most successful blog posts.
 Without Powerball-sized promotional budgets, it’s almost impossible to compete in the bigger, louder, brighter and beloved-by-pop-culture-celebrities arena. It’s imperative to put your advertising dollars in places where they will make the most impact. Here are 3 cost-effective digital strategies to help you build meaningful client relationships...
Spawning as a two-day event in 1999 with an attendance of 25,000 people, Coachella has grown to become the crème de la crème of all music festivals. From music fans to Hollywood celebrities, everyone wants to be a part of Coachella and witness the novelty of all that it radiates.
By now, you may (or may not) have heard about the latest social networking buzz called, Pinterest. As a rapidly growing photo collecting and sharing site, Pinterest has reached over 10 Million U.S. monthly uniques faster than any standalone site in history—according to TechCrunch’s ... So, how can Pinterest help market your brand?
A new page on Google's site doesn't care what you're searching for. It just has one simple question for you—"What do you love?"

Branding It Old School May 25, 2011

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal featured a fascinating article about brands like Cheerios, Tide, Pepsi and Doritos going retro with their packaging to grab consumer attention. So what's next? Can this tactic work for digital brands without all the history?
AmEx's Social Currency campaign is a poor, pitiful effort. Here's a look at why it deserves Chapter 11, who's hitting the jackpot and if there's a bailout on the way. Plus, more cheesy financial puns!
If a Greek grandmother said your friend dressed like a prostitute, would you take granny's recommendation on which Greek yogurt to buy? The new ad campaign from Athenos thinks you might.
For the first time ever, Corona Light is saying adios to the beach and distancing itself from its more established sibling. But has it drifted too far from the sunny shores of sensible brand positioning?
DirecTV and Comcast have gone head to head with nearly identical creative concepts. So who's execution came out on top? Is Jane Lynch gonna be okay? What's a petite lap giraffe? Read on and find out.
Forbes recently released their list of 'America's 12 Most Loved Spokescharacters.' The top five characters were not terribly surprising, with Snoopy taking the honors of top dog.
Old Navy just announced that the brand is retiring the 'Supermodelquins?' advertising campaign. While that isn't huge news in the fast-paced world of advertising, the announcement of their new campaign certainly is.
Best Buy's Superbowl ad starred the unlikely mashup of Ozzy Osbourne and young supernova Justin Bieber. At the Association of National Advertisers' TV & Everything Video Forum Best Buy's Executive Vice President - Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge described the casting process which included at least nine other celebrities.
New Media Metrics just released information regarding their brand attachment index, a measurement of the media most loved by fans of brands. The study includes both online, print and television and some of the results are very surprising -- although maybe they shouldn't be.
2011 is off to a swift start... but all these great Top 10 lists keep following us around. We had to share just one more from Co.Design. We'll just call it #11.
The One Club recently announced its honorees for the top 10 campaigns from 2000 to 2009, which it has dubbed "the digital decade." These were hugely influential campaigns-- the kind everyone in marketing needs to take a cue from.
Mustachioed men are everywhere. Happy Movember! For the uninitiated, Movember is a powerful new fundraising campaign that's gaining Mo-mentum. Participating men worldwide “change the face of men’s health” by growing a mustache (a.k.a. a “mo”) in November. Why all the success? Let's take a look.
The battle for American men’s arm pits is heating up. Brut has entered the ring with Brut Slap, a campaign that invites site visitors to take out their annoyance on a variety of unsavory male characters by initiating a digital slap to their faces. Brut Slap has a solid idea, but an Achilles heal that could've easily been avoided.
In this day and age, nearly all advertising campaigns are required to span mulitple platforms. Television commercials with websites, social media with online video, and so on. And while there are many campaigns going viral with flash mobs and other public stunts, I haven't seen any orchestrated quite like the St. John Ambulance campaign by BBH, London.
AXE tried to undercut Old Spice and failed. But is it possible for a competitor to beat Old Spice in a battle of oddball humor? Perhaps with a sharktopus wearing a purple wolf pack shirt.
With Halloween swiftly approaching in all of its gory glory, Sears kicked off a campaign aimed at a usually overlooked target audience -- Zombies.

Rethink AT&T? June 16, 2010

By now you’ve probably seen or heard something from AT&T’s new Rethink Possible campaign. With an emphasis on innovation and new technology, the real message is “rethink AT&T because things are getting better.” But can AT&T deliver on this amibitous promise and show consumers it's moved past the same old mediocre service?
For LA-based folk rock band Dawes, the concept of touring took a turn for the better when Ford handed them a video camera and the keys to a spanking new Fiesta...
For this week’s post I’m outlining a few keys to writing good, customer-friendly copy. How you communicate with your customers in writing has a lot to do with how they perceive your company. And that affects the way they do business with you.
To coincide with Tiger Woods’s return to golf at The Masters this weekend, Nike has released a new TV spot that touches on Tiger's recently-aired dirty laundry (heretofore referred to as "Tigergate" in this post). Ultimately, the ad talks a lot without actually saying anything. This spot feels like a cheap shot, but it's probably the only move Nike had at this point.
Brand integration is enjoying a resurgence, and in more and more shows, brand integration fits the bill.  Project Runway enjoys a large number of commercial sponsorts, and still manages to integrate these brands extremely well.  Here's a look at how Project Runway does it.

Brand Bracket Madness March 2, 2010

Tournament brackets have always been an integral part of the March Madness experience. It used to be that the only bracket we focused on was for NCAA basketball.  But today, brands want in on the action, so they create brand-centered brackets that aim to capitalize on our excitement for the perennial basketball tournament.  So I’ve provided some examples.
So given the highly publicized death of Olympic luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, why would Google-- one of the most visible brands on the planet-- put a luge graphic on its homepage?  It boggles the mind.
Move over, Jared.  Taco Bell's got a healthy eating spokesperson of its own for the new Drive-Thru Diet.  The idea of a healthy Taco Bell campaign has stirred up some controversy and rubbed a few people the wrong way.  Why aren't we ready for a healthy(er) Taco Bell?
Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s nook and Sony’s Reader series are the top-of-mind choices for e-readers these days.  Since comprehensive, apples-to-apples comparisons are well-worn territory, I’m going to discuss some of the key features and differences, but also offer predictions for the future of this very promising product category.

Understand What You Brand December 10, 2009

We've all been told to practice what we preach.  But when it comes to our own products and brands it can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of that.  Here are some ideas about the benefits of reconnecting with your own brand.
The "Agency of Record" was once the standard model for the relationship between a marketer and its agency.  Today, it's future is questionable as other ways for marketers and agencies to do business are gaining favor.  So what does the future hold?
giffgaff, an emerging mobile network available soon in Scotland, is leaps and bounds beyond anything we have stateside.  The network relies on customers for its marketing and customer service in order to keep prices low.  Members who refer new customers and offer tech support answers through the giffgaff website can earn free minutes and texts to shrink their bills.  The more they help, the more they save.
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