The time has arrived for all college students, with fall semester classes scheduled, to begin formulating strategies to stay organized while living on campus - these are 5 free apps that can help.’ve managed to wrangle in a whole bunch of followers on your social media accounts. Now what? How do you parlay the audience you currently have the attention of into greater reach and exposure for your social media messaging?
  You’re launching a startup. You’re unleashing a new product on the world. You’re adding functionality. You’re quitting your job and attempting to crowdfund some idea you have into a new life for yourself. Wouldn’t any one of these activities, and countless others, be a little bit easier if you just had a few blogger friends who happened to write about your industry?
 We know you’re curious - so, without further ado, here is what it looks like when a parrot gets down in NYC’s Union Square to the soundtrack of Brooklyn’s best buskers. Moon Hooch!
What makes a video go viral? How and why do they capture our imagination?
Now that the billion-dollar news cycle surrounding the sale of Instagram to Facebook is beginning to subside, the time has arrived for us to take a look at some of the other photo and video apps with surprising functionality and feature sets.
The Google Knowledge Graph is here...and search has just gotten smarter.  What has changed?  How will it impact your website?
Managing a company blog is a time-consuming process.  Use these 4 time-saving ideas from Pomegranate to quickly generate new and relevant content for company blog posts which your readers will love!
Drawbridge, a cross-device ad targeting startup, has emerged from stealth startup mode with an announcement of a $6.5M Series A round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital.
If you’re looking to expand the reach of your professional and social networks, there’s no shortage of computer and smartphone tools promising to help you along. Chime.In, VYou and Friendthem are working to improve the ways we meet, relate and communicate.  Here are some quick introductions...
What’s your smartphone conjunction function? Some of us have numerous screens filled with games and social networking apps, while others keep it strictly business with online banking apps and various calculators. No matter how you choose the functionality of your mobile phone and the apps that it hosts, one thing for sure is that we live in a mobile app-driven world where a great majority of our daily life is now spent in the palms of our hands.
 Don't "broadcast" your social media marketing messages -- and risk getting them lost in the noise.  Break old habits by using these 3 tips as a way to begin supercharging your social media activities for optimal "engagement".
Reaching 20 billion blog posts and 50 million blogs, Tumblr has hit two major milestones the past few weeks. As perfect timing may find this opportunity to further market brands, Tumblr's mass treasure box of social data is finally open for real-time consumption.
The internet has changed the world, and the way people view traditional advertising continues to change along with it. Get the wind at your back by utilizing inbound marketing tactics to make yourself visible to clients already in search of your expertise.
Adobe has released a 'Sneak Peek' video that shows off Photoshop CS6's Camera Raw features and a new darker interface.
A solid social media community can be an enormous asset to any company, but don't expect to grow one overnight. Heed these 10 tested tips.
Jose Vargas and Define American have launched a social media campaign to start a conversation about reforming the immigration system.
Joan Ginther, 63, won almost $21 million since her winning spree began in 1993.  At the time that she won the fourth jackpot, the AP wrote that her chances of winning the lottery was 1 in 18 septillion, (18 with 24 zeros after it) almost an impossibility.
America is obsessed with its social media tools — more than half of all Americans have a social networking profile. But what does social media tell us about American society? Is our use of social tools a reflection of our interests and behaviors?  
Advertising in China, still developing compared to countries like the US and Japan, is beginning to catch up to the demand of consumer-facing companies looking to expand their reach among the world’s largest population and its growing buying power.
McCann Worldgroup is creating dedicated operating unit to service key global client L’Oréal and its subsidiary Maybelline. Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson is a key global creative agency for L’Oréal and adapts and distributes the Maybelline work of sister shop Gotham outside the U.S.
When it comes to optimizing your web presence, a recent study by Google confirms what most online marketing professionals have been insisting for years:

Diet Coke Gets A Makeover August 17, 2011

Coca Cola is 125 years old this year, and the first official extension of the brand, Diet Coke, was launched in 1982. So the Turner Duckworth design firm, based in San Francisco, were asked to give the can a makeover.  We wanted to shar this exciting new marketing re-brand with you.  Read more below: 
Mike Fridgen is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience launching successful consumer Internet companies, which is one of the main reasons why we chose to highlight this exclusive interview by IdeaMensch. 
Many people have a difficult time finding meaning in their work. They bounce from one job to another in hopes of finding fulfillment but they forget that finding a great job is about figuring out who we are and what we love doing. We found this excellent article about findthing the perfect job for the perfect 'you' written by: dailyBlogma, read more.
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Graphic Design Resources for graphic designers, web designers, bloggers and developers.
 Ad of the Day: Where My Dogs At?
Ad of the Day: Slimfast might be onto something.... Another reason why a shotgun wedding might not be a good idea.
As soon as the Tokyo earthquake hit, like other recent natural disasters, social media provided a means of quick communication. Twitter and Facebook were aflutter with messages spreading the news across the globe, and spreading word of incoming tsunamis, leading Twitter to become slow moving, and eventually to crash.
The staff of Pomegranate prides itself in giving back to our many communities. One of the many causes we donate our services to include the arts and art education. This past weekend Amanda Selwyn Dance Theater and Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theater hosted White Night - A Movable Performance Soirée, a fundraiser that was completely sold out, thanks in part to advertising work done by Pomegranate.
Social media 'guy' Adam Price wrote a recent article for Social Media Today with an interesting point of view on Social Media marketing. 'Heads are filled with Twitter success stories, wine guys that made millions tweeting, real estate agents that tripled their sales, and on and on. These stories are credible and happen to be true but just because someone hands you a light saber doesn't mean you're a Jedi.'
Yesterday Google officially announced some changes they made to their algorithm. Now their system is designed to reduce the rankings for low-quality sites such as content stealers and keyword loaders.

Look out for the Chopper! February 22, 2011

Bon Jovi approved Ean Mering has done it again. After working as creative director on a really awesome graphic novel, someone optioned it and now YouTube users are losing their heads over the 'high quality branded entertainment,' (which we should warn you has a lot of mature content).
Check out Grant Powell's latest interview with IdeaMensch - a website dedicated to helping people bring their ideas to life. Grant discusses how he maintains balance in his professional life, his theory for bringing ideas to life and the major trends that have him excited about the advertising industry.
With the past year and decade all wrapped up, tons of media outlets looked to cash in on the traffic of "Top Ten" lists, so why shouldn't we? Pomegranate has rounded up our favorite ad-related Top Ten lists of 2010. Enjoy!

Cheers! December 30, 2010

The staff at Pomegranate hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a very happy 2011!
For the holidays Johnnie Walker launched its "Say It Without Saying It" campaign, a wink at how men communicate. In spots created by BBH New York, expressions of love and admiration are replaced by a gift of the popular Scotch. But Grant Powell, CEO of digital agency Pomegranate, doesn't think BBH took the idea quite far enough.
Earlier this week we posted information from the Pew Internet & American Life Project that researched the demographics using Twitter and the amount of time spent using it. Going deeper, the study also found some even more useful information -- just WHAT are these people tweeting about?
With an innovative new video, Arcade Fire makes it clear they know how to entertain an audience, push the envelope and find out where you live. Check out the video for Used to Wait (The Wilderness Downtown) by Arcade Fire.
If you needed ideas for a romantic evening to celebrate your significant other's birthday, where would you start? If Google asked you to create a video showing how it could demonstrate value to CPG brands, how would you approach the project? Get answers to these questions and a first look at Birthday Fireworks, Pomegranate's new search story video for Google.
Pomegranate client Dawes, an L.A.-based rock band made its network television debut last week on CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
While Apple claims that iPad is "the best way to experience the web," the device won't display Adobe Flash content. How will users respond?  Will they demand an option to enable Flash? Will Apple succumb to pressures to support the technology it politically opposes?
Selling a product is one thing. Selling an idea is quite another. How do you make an idea so real that potential customers can fully appreciate it?  Read more to find out how Pomegranate has solved this problem for Google.
Photographer Marco Bollinger has worked with some incredible talent in his career, including Beyoncé, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gym Class Heroes and some of LA and New York's finest runway models.   Marco, raised in Venice Beach California, is not your average beach-going dude.  He manages to escape LA often in pursuit of beautiful photography and adventure, two things that he is clearly passionate about and does well.
Was disco ever dead? According to MTV, the sweet, glittery spectacle might be ripe for revival—with updates, of course. The network's original TV movie, Turn the Beat Around, tells the story of a struggling dancer who teams with a wealthy nightlife maven to build a hot new disco-themed club. Covers of '70s classics like "Bad Girls" and "Get Down Tonight" are featured, plus a new take on KC & the Sunshine Band's "That’s the Way (I Like It)," performed by artist Eytan, a Pomegranate client.
Forget five-dollar footlongs for a second.  Here's the deal: Subway may have copied some Pomegranate creative and passed it off as its own work.  They say, "Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery," but we're not feeling all that flattered by the situation.  So we're calling it out.
A colleague here at Pomegranate asked my opinion on “mercurial personalities” in advertising.  So it got me thinking.  Ad agencies are absolutely  “peopled by mercurial personalities.”  In fact, I think there are some interesting parallels between the creative personality and the work of an advertising creative.  And these parallels begin to explain this mercurial nature. 
In my experience, the disciplines of copywriting and graphic design are not valued equally, and it's a matter of demand.  So with this post, I’d like to explore why that is and consider how this trend might continue into the future.
Spiritual Gangster, an Arizona-based yoga brand offering apparel and accessories for men and women, has created a new web video to showcase its latest product offerings.
Anyone that uses Gmail for multiple email accounts will appreciate the beauty and convenience of the newest Firefox extension from the guys at Blank Canvas.  Blank Canvas is a convenient signature manager that automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which email address you're sending from.
Today's most successful artists also tend to be the most accessible ones. With the music industry facing major upheaval and decreasing revenues due to the Internet and pirating, artists and record companies are looking for bold new ways to generate income.
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