Tumblr Inks Exclusive Deal With Gnip — Opening Social Data Information to Brands

April 18, 2012 by Sandra Burciaga


Reaching 20 billion blog posts and 50 million blogs, Tumblr has hit two major milestones the past few weeks. As perfect timing may find this opportunity to further market brands, Tumblr's mass treasure box of social data is finally open for real-time consumption.

As a leading social media aggregator, Gnip has signed an exclusive social data deal with Tumblr. This new partnership can help brands monitor relevant conversations through Tumblr's full stream of public posts. Aside from the volume of data that can now be captured, brands are excited about the virality of activity on the platform. Tumblr users, who generally fall between the ages of 18-to-24 year-olds, generate 35 million "likes" daily in addition to their reblogged posts, conversations and more.

By accessing Gnip's Tumblr data, marketers can have an easier time tracking real-time conversations trendsetter types are having about their brands, or even gauge reactions to products in development. This new insight can be a goldmine for marketers.

While some socia media platforms react quickly to news and other events, Tumblr conversations often spread around concepts and trends. Gnip shared the following example for brands to better understand how they can benefit from this new source of social information: “With Urban Outfitters, a photographer posted a picture to her personal Tumblr of a piece from one of their new collections. That post received over 1,000 notes and almost no mention elsewhere.” Tapping into this new depth of social data can be vital to assist brands in discovering new tastemakers with social influence that they can work with to further their brand’s online presence.

Similar to the successful photo-sharing sites, Instagram and Pinterest—the conversations on Tumblr are heavy with images. Tumblr users frequently post photos of their favorite brands and products—almost like a wish list of the things they want to own or just simply images that amuse them or create a sense of emotion.

According to The Verge—Tumblr product vice president, Derek Gottfrid, believes Tumblr will be more valuable to companies than Twitter: "The richness of data that we have is more than 140 characters. We support seven different post types, and the half-life of a Tumblr post extends much more than a tweet."

As Tumblr figures out how to monetize its platform, allowing Gnip to resell its data means brands will at least be able to better understand how to engage with the Tumblr community. With existing insights into Twitter as the first authorized reseller of the Twitter firehose, Gnip is now paving the way for social data analysis with their new partnership with Tumblr. The platform also offers data from Facebook, Google+, Disqus, WordPress, YouTube, and more. It’s only a matter of time before they work something out with the two budding giants, Instagram and Pinterest. Only time will tell …

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~ Written by Sandra Burciaga - Digital Marketing Manager at Pomegranate




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