Inbound Marketing - Providing Quality Information Draws Clients to You

April 16, 2012 by Eric Taubert

Inbound Marketing

The more digitally sophisticated the citizens of the world become, the less impact traditional advertising tactics have. The world has gone and gotten all kinds of noisy, and we’ve evolved along with it, developing the defense mechanisms necessary to help us keep our sanity.

Traditional advertising has become an annoyance we all strive to avoid. We tune out the print and banner ads. We DVR past the television commercials. We surf to new web pages when video players force-feed us pre-roll advertisements. We autopilot promotional mail into the recycling bin. We use iPods and satellite radio as tools to evade invasive radio commercials. Spam email which makes it to our inboxes is deleted unopened.

As the world becomes saturated with commercial tactics designed to command our consciousness and inhabit our minds for as long as possible, we’ve begun to recognize the usual-suspect patterns and desensitize ourselves from the constant clamoring for our attention. We’re learning to become blind to unsolicited marketing pitches.

Let’s face it, the internet altered the world. It liberated us -- turning us from powerless and passive consumers of one way scheduled broadcasting into independent thinkers with the free will to choose what we want to see -- when we want to see it.

This is precisely why inbound marketing has become all the rage. Instead of engaging in the brute-force push to expose blatant commercial messages to those who may, or may not, want to see them...we, instead, utilize what we now know about consumer habits in the new digital paradigm to do the work for us.

When people develop needs, desires, problems, interests or challenges -- most of them begin the process of nurturing their voids through self-directed search engine research. This represents an opportunity for your business.  

If you correctly create, and properly place, quality content which establishes your team as competent thought leaders with the know-how to solve the questions being asked by consumers -- then you have provided value. You will have earned the interest of a potential client by helping them find what they need -- and, best yet, they will have come to you...this is “inbound” marketing.

There’s more to it than just the haphazard writing of blog posts. This is a game of blogs, keywords, SEO, contributed articles, guest blog posts, social media channels of all flavors, press releases, ebooks and much more...and it’s a long-term play -- but the building momentum and increased exposure to potential clients who are already actively searching for your solution make it all worthwhile.

If you want inbound marketing to work for you -- you need to be willing to work it. Fortunately, the talented team at Pomegranate is always here to help.

For more information on inbound marketing, and a thought provoking infographic, we highly recommend Barry Feldman’s recent primer - Inbound Marketing Works: A Copywriter’s Success Story.

 -- Written by Eric Taubert

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