Small Agencies Winning Against Big Agencies

September 15, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

We've all heard the age old story of David and Goliath... Well this time history is repeating itself... only the field participants are advertising agencies.  Todays article comes from read below:

It's happening again. We're in a pitch against two much bigger, well-known agencies. I wish I could trash them and say that they don't deserve the business, but I admire them both and they've done some beautiful campaigns. That, however, doesn't mean that they are the best choice. OK, I'm biased, but we might be the right size, the right fit and maybe even know the market better. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what I think, because I'm not part of the review committee.

No matter how much bravado we bring to the table, competing against much bigger agencies comes with its own set of challenges. A couple of months ago, we lost a pitch to a big New York agency that starts with the letter O. In that case we might have been trying to punch above our weight. I later heard that the CEO had been impressed that said agency had an office in Mumbai, where the client already had a major presence. To give the competition its due credit, it brought in an impressive team that truly dazzled everyone. We had a good debriefing call after the fact, and the client said a lot of nice things. But reading between the lines I knew that we just got smoked.


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