How To Intern At An Advertising Agency

September 5, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

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A great way to start a career in the advertising industry is to get a job as an intern at an advertising agency. This allows a student who is currently studying advertising or has just completed their studies a chance to break into the industry. Agencies can favor applicants that have some type of experience over those who do not.

1. Get good grade in any marketing or advertising courses that you are currently taking. This can help your chances to get accepted as an intern at an advertising agency. These positions can be really competitive, because they can lead to many career opportunities later. It is important to list on the internship application all leadership skills and positions you have held in school.

2. Check job listings for internships at advertising agencies. These can be found in your school's career development offices or though classified advertising sections in newspapers or online. These positions are quite frequently listed as either paid or unpaid intern opportunities. Although a paid internship is a nice way to earn money while gaining experience, an unpaid internship should not be passed up, because it is an extremely valuable tool of gaining experience. This can lead to a bright future making a nice salary with an ad agency.

3. Complete the application for the internship. Be sure to note any special certificates or awards that have been given to you. This includes any leadership positions that have been held at school or in any other capacity. Joining an advertising association as a student member is much less expensive than a full member, and it gives great credibility to students. It shows they are going the extra mile to get involved.

4. Submit a resume to the company who is hiring for an internship. This should include similar but relevant information as the application included.

5. Attend the interview if call back, and dress in professional attire. It always helps to prepare with sample interview questions before the interview.


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