Lucky Woman Who Won Lottery Four Times Outed As Stanford University Statistics Phd

August 17, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

This has nothing to do with advertising but is an extremely fascinating story we had to share.  We hope you enjoy!  

Joan Ginther, 63, won almost $21 million since her winning spree began in 1993.  At the time that she won the fourth jackpot, the AP wrote that her chances of winning the lottery was 1 in 18 septillion, (18 with 24 zeros after it) almost an impossibility.


Or was it? As we reported recently, the lottery is not always a pure game of chance if you are smart. A recent article in Harpers by Nathaniel Rich contends that Ginther's case can just be dumb luck, but fraud and cheating are much more likely. 


The last two winning scratch offs were bought from the same convenience store in Ginther's home town of Bishop, Texas. The peculiarly lucky store was shut down this past June, allegedly due to an IRS investigation involving Ginther and the proprietor, Sun Bae.




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