What Can Social Media Tell Us About American Society?

August 17, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

America is obsessed with its social media tools — more than half of all Americans have a social networking profile. But what does social media tell us about American society? Is our use of social tools a reflection of our interests and behaviors?  Read below for more info:


Social media strategy firm Hasai decided to find out. The result is an infographic that draws several conclusions about the nature of the average American: Apparently we Americans have a lot to say (48% of all bloggers are U.S.-based), love talking about television (77% have used social media to share their love of a show) and love video games (10% of all US-based web activity involves video games).


Oh, and apparently North Dakota and New Jersey are among the most social states in the union. Go figure.


Check out the infographic and let us know in the comments what you think social media says about American society.?


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