Ad Agencies: What Has Social Media Done for You? @michaelgass

July 19, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

This article was hand picked for its nail on the head precision when it comes to executing a sure fire social media plan of action for you (or your clients).  Michael Grass does an excellent job painting the ins and outs of social media execution.  Thanks Michael!

- Kevin Michael Gray


How can an agency help a client monetize their social media when they don’t have a handle on how to use it for itself? As more-and-more agencies jump on the social media band-wagon, clients are beginning to ask them, “what has social media done for you?”

Gone are the days when an agency can get by “talking the talk but not walking the walk.” Clients will be able to discern between the agencies that truly get social media from the ones that don’t with just a few clicks of their mouse.

That said, does your agency have a social media strategy or are you winging it?

100% of our clients are online and all they have to do is take a quick look and they can easily tell that most agencies have no plan with regards to social media. Agencies may have a blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, but those accounts tend to hide behind the agency name and tend to be blatantly self promotional with little value to an undefinable audience.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE


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