Why Clients And Their Ad Agencies Behave Badly @BrandingInsider

July 19, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

My wife and I have this special thing that we do when we get in arguments.  I let her rant and rave until she feels complete and then I have to repeat what she is upset about.  This happens as many times as it needs to until she feels I understand where she is coming from and says "Yes, that is what I am upset about."  Upon approval the tables turn and it becomes my turn to rant and rave until fully understood.  It's amazing how much just being heard and understood helps to defuse the situation.  

The article below come from the branding strategy insider and is about the frustrations between clients and ad agencies. 

- Kevin Michael Gray


Why is the client/ad agency relationship so complicated and fraught with drama on both sides? 
Seemingly, the business relationship between clients and their marketing agencies seem to have ever-shorter life spans. True enough, the marketing game is a tough business for all concerned. Lately things seem to be more cantankerous between clients and their agencies. Both are behaving badly these days.
If you’re on the client-side, have you been subjected to these poor ad agency behaviors?
The agency won your business with principals and senior talent then turned the real work over to junior-level (more-profitable) people.
In pitching your business, the agency presented creative work produced by creatives who no longer work at the agency.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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