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July 19, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray

Honor should be given to those who deserve it.  This guys definitely desrvers something.  He's a normal guy who became a billion-aire overnight... and then.  You'll have to read it to find out.  What a story!  Thank you Ad Week.

- Kevin Michael Gray



The advertising business has always been a place for self-invented characters. So was the Internet business in 1994, when I moved to San Francisco. That’s when I met Jonathan Nelson, now CEO of digital for Omnicom, a holding company that earned more than 18 percent of its revenue from digital in 2010. I was there to help create HotWired, a website spin-off of Wired magazine, which itself was only 18 months old; Nelson was inventing himself as one of the first Internet advertising guys in the same building where Wired and HotWired had their offices. We had lunch together occasionally, sharing gossip and stories about the craziness that quickly enveloped everyone in those early Web years.
Today Nelson lives in a large, white Victorian mansion, sparsely furnished, with a sweeping view of downtown San Francisco, which he’s been slowly if meticulously renovating since he bought it in 2002 (the folk singer Tracy Chapman was a previous owner). While we talked in the kitchen a few weeks ago, he fielded a series of work-related phone calls, cooked dinner for his two sons and… READ THE FULL ARTICLE


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