5 Strategies Most Successful Businesses Use Online

July 19, 2011 by


This is an interesting article about five common components that successful businesses generally have.  As always feel free to leave feedback.

- Kevin Michael Gray


Apply Initiative

Avoid duplicating the ‘cookie cutter’ approach when possibly if the opportunity to customize a something is available to you! Do not select any approaches or strategies based upon how simple they may be to apply when marketing an online business. In most cases there are always ways to tweak or improve that which is already in existence. By doing so you are already distancing yourself from the crowd!

Keyword Selection

Most suggest or are proponents of selecting keywords for their business that are NOT highly searched upon since they are deemed to be too competitive. Well keyword use is for the sake of generating traffic, right? It would seem that those words and phrases that reflect the greatest search results would also bring you the most traffic and therefore more marketing success as well! Using these words and phrases for traffic generation would seem fine, just avoid trying to rank a website or blog using them since these results may take longer!


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