Woman Gets Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo [VIDEO]

Woman Gets Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo [VIDEO]

June 7, 2011 by Kevin Michael Gray


   Friends are a many splendored thing — and it’s natural to carry them in one’s heart throughout one’s ever-storied life. It seems a little extreme, however, to tattoo them on one’s arm.

Apparently, this woman (from what we can tell from the video), saw fit to tattoo her 152 Facebook friends on her arm. Granted, this could all be some kind of publicity stunt — remember that guy who got Ray-Bans tattooed on his face? Then again, T-Pain got a Facebook 'Like' button on his arm, and who are we to question trends set by T? (Except auto-tune. That was just bad.)
Say what you will about the prudence of this tat-enthusiast’s decision, at least she adhered to Dunbar’s Number.  READ THE FULL STORY





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