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The use of photos to drive engagement on the social media accounts of brands continues to be a strategy strongly supported by data.
The time has arrived for all college students, with fall semester classes scheduled, to begin formulating strategies to stay organized while living on campus - these are 5 free apps that can help.
 This new form of advertising on Facebook is significant, in that, it will allow businesses to pay for the opportunity to divert potential traffic from each other.’ve managed to wrangle in a whole bunch of followers on your social media accounts. Now what? How do you parlay the audience you currently have the attention of into greater reach and exposure for your social media messaging?
You’re launching a startup. You’re unleashing a new product on the world. You’re adding functionality. You’re quitting your job and attempting to crowdfund some idea you have into a new life for yourself. Wouldn’t any one of these activities, and countless others, be a little bit easier if you just had a few blogger friends who happened to write about your industry?
 We know you’re curious - so, without further ado, here is what it looks like when a parrot gets down in NYC’s Union Square to the soundtrack of Brooklyn’s best buskers. Moon Hooch!
In Pomegranate's, “Marketing Your App Part 3 - Wrapping up the Writing”, we inform you how to wrap up the process of writing your App Store description.
What makes a video go viral? How and why do they capture our imagination?
 In last week’s blog post, “Marketing Your App Part 1 - The First Line”, we took a detailed look at how the first line of your App Store description can play a major role in making or breaking the successful marketing of your app. This week, we’ll move beyond the first line - and take a look at a few of the essentials and best practices you can use to optimize the middle of your App Store description.
Pomegranate believes Friendthem represents an exciting idea - the next step in connection technology - and a way to enhance lives by offering everyone the chance to connect with the world seamlessly and safely.
You’ve finally developed the world’s perfect app. Congratulations. The easy part is finally over. Now it’s time to market...
If you’re like many business owners, over the past few years your company has managed to build up the number of your Facebook Page fans - but you haven’t done much with them.  Perhaps it’s time for some Facebook Page Resuscitation.
Now that the billion-dollar news cycle surrounding the sale of Instagram to Facebook is beginning to subside, the time has arrived for us to take a look at some of the other photo and video apps with surprising functionality and feature sets.
“It was one of the best blog posts I’ve ever written, but nobody tweeted it, nobody shared it, nobody commented on it and it drove no traffic to my website.” If you blog with any regularity, I’m willing to bet you’ve witnessed this phenomenon: The great, but unnoticed, blog post. Here's some advice from 3 blogging experts about how they authored some of their most successful blog posts.
 Take these first few business networking steps on Linkedin -- and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to attract the notice of other like-minded go-getters interested in your company or brand.
To the uninitiated, contracting for talent from staffing agencies may seem like a hassle-free and convenient solution to your problem...but have you considered this decision from all angles?
 Without Powerball-sized promotional budgets, it’s almost impossible to compete in the bigger, louder, brighter and beloved-by-pop-culture-celebrities arena. It’s imperative to put your advertising dollars in places where they will make the most impact. Here are 3 cost-effective digital strategies to help you build meaningful client relationships...
 In the wake of the decision by GM to stop advertising with Facebook, lots of voices are debating how effective Digital Advertising actually is. Does this mean brands shouldn’t purchase Facebook ads? How do Facebook's newly launched “Promoted Posts” fit into the equation?
The Google Knowledge Graph is here...and search has just gotten smarter.  What has changed?  How will it impact your website?
Managing a company blog is a time-consuming process.  Use these 4 time-saving ideas from Pomegranate to quickly generate new and relevant content for company blog posts which your readers will love!
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